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106 reviews
  • Dwana Nicholson·

    Ayesha is a great financial consultant! I explained my situation and concerns and she gave me great financial advice. She was very easy to talk to. She helped me to see my situation from a different point of view. She helped me come up with an action plan and informed me of a solution to my issue that I hadn't considered. She informed me of possible tax implications I was not aware of for a plan I was considering. She also encouraged me to plan appropriately and gave suggestions that will ensure I have a better financial future for many years to come. Her advice was very valuable, saved me a lot of money, and was worth so much more than what it cost.

  • Sam Glassford·

    It was very informative and knowledgable. I learned a lot of information about my finances and how to move forward. Very grateful and thank you.

  • Lorymar C Sanchez·

    Very informative consultation session. Ayesha provided some very insightful short term tasks that I know I need to review and implement to improve my financial goals and lay a solid foundation. Ayesha's consultation was very knowledgeable and she was great to speak to. I look forward to following up with Ayesha in the near future to inform her on my progress! Thank you Ayesha !!!

  • Chandra·

    I could listen to Ayesha drop gems for hours. She is 100% worth every dime ! She's so relatable and doesnt talk down to you or make you feel like a sucka chump Lol. When you just cant figure out which way is up or just need some one to put things into perspective she is the one to call!!! Her knowledge on all things financial is extensive.

  • Shari Shar·

    Ayesha is the GOAT. Period.
    She is patient, practical, non-judgemental, knowledgeable and able to help with ANY financial situation. Love her and I am so grateful she shares her gift with all of us.

  • Nadia·

    I really enjoyed my consult, Ayesha was knowledgeable, affirming and helpful in my wealth building strategy. Thank you!

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